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Graphical desktop application for updating Flipper Zero firmware via PC

qFlipper is completely open source and based on Qt framework. Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux.



Download official qFlipper builds here: update.flipperzero.one

download qFlipper Button


  • Update Flipper's firmware and supplemental data with a press of one button
  • Repair a broken firmware installation
  • Stream Flipper's display and control it remotely
  • Install firmware from a .dfu file
  • Backup and restore settings, progress and pairing data
  • Automatic self-update feature
  • Command line interface

Build from sources


Make sure to clone the project together with submodules:

git clone https://github.com/flipperdevices/qFlipper.git --recursive


Build requirements:

  • MS Visual Studio 2019 or newer
  • Qt5 (MSVC build) >= 5.15.0 or Qt6 >= 6.3.0
  • NSIS (to generate the installer)

Edit build_windows.bat to adjust to your build environment and then run:


Note: STM32 Bootloader driver is not provided in this repository.


Docker build (AppImage, official)

Setup dev container by running:

docker-compose up -d

Compile qFlipper by running:

docker-compose exec dev ./build_linux.sh

Standalone build

Build requirements:

  • Qt5 >= 5.15.0 or Qt6 >= 6.3.0
  • libusb >= 1.0.16
  • zlib >= 1.2.0

Make sure to install the following Qt modules (the exact package names might differ slightly depending on your Linux distribution):

base, tools, serialport, declarative,  wayland, [quickcontrols2, graphicaleffects] (Qt5 only), qt5-compat (Qt6 only)

Then run:

mkdir build && cd build
qmake ../qFlipper.pro PREFIX=/path/to/install/dir -spec linux-g++ CONFIG+=qtquickcompiler && 
make qmake_all && make && make install

Caution: make installing to the system prefix is not recommended. Instead, use this method for building distro-specific packages. In this case, it is possible to disable the built-in application update feature by passing DEFINES+=DISABLE_APPLICATION_UPDATES to the qmake call.


Build requirements:

If you want to sign binaries, set SIGNING_KEY environment variable:

export SIGNING_KEY="Your Developer Key ID"

Building, signing and creating package:


Resulting image can be found in: build_mac/qFlipper.dmg




or just launch the file above from your favourite file manager. You will likely need to set up udev rules in order to use qFlipper as a normal user:

./qFlipper-x86_64.AppImage rules install [/optional/path/to/rules/dir]

Package managers support

See contrib for available options.

Project structure

  • application - The main graphical application, written mostly in QML.
  • cli - The command line interface, provides nearly all main application's functionality.
  • backend - The backend library, written in C++. Takes care of most of the logic.
  • dfu - Low level library for accessing USB and DFU devices.
  • plugins - Protobuf-based communication protocol support.
  • 3rdparty - Third-party libraries.
  • contrib - Contributed packages and scripts.
  • driver-tool - DFU driver installation tool for Windows (based on libwdi).
  • docker - Docker configuration files.
  • installer-assets - Supplementary data for deployment.

Reporting bugs

qFlipper is a project under active development. Please report any encountered bugs to make it better!

The (mostly) complete guide is located here.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes Flipper's serial port doesn't get recognised by the OS, which leads to firmware update errors. This is a firmware issue.
  • On some systems, there is noticeable flicker during opening, closing or resizing of the log area.
  • Release source archives are automatically generated by Github and are unsuitable for building as they do not contain submodules.