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Tailscale package for QNAP NAS

This repository includes build scripts for building Tailscale client QPKG for use in QNAP NAS devices.


The build depends on Docker and make. All other build dependencies are downloaded in the Docker containers. To invoke the build, run make build-qdk-container to build the container and run make pkg. This builds Tailscale QPKG for different platforms and stores them in out/pkg.

To configure the release number from what is in the Makefile, set the environment variable TSTAG to the release number, e.g. TRACK=unstable TSTAG=1.33.161 make pkg.


  1. Manually install Tailscale package in QNAP App Center.
  2. Open the Tailscale app and proceed with login.


Thanks to @ivokub for creating this project and transferring it to Tailscale's GitHub org.