59 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  root 3fc1c12930 fix hardcoded values being wrong in loader.sh. TODO allow tunables to be set from environment. 2 days ago
  root fcc0c430a2 Update libqueerpatchy to use the local mirrors for all upstreams for speed and reliability purposes 1 week ago
  root b75591780c update git repos to point to the right hostname 1 week ago
  root 20a5be92e0 tweaked tunables, split the pushpull sidekiq into two separate ones 1 week ago
  root 3ea7a7751d Fixed bug with loader which prevented web containers from having email capabilities 2 months ago
  root 5436de6533 updates to 3.2.0 allowing removal of backported patches 2 months ago
  root 07f76378ea backport upstream PR#14019 to fix jumpy timelines when modals are closed 3 months ago
  root 979dc326e5 resolve reported issue with hashtag timelines by backporting nonce generation 3 months ago
  root afaea4f19f more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 37722cafa9 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root adadfdf844 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root f01cb3ae82 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 7fab054367 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 3583e7a9a2 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 15a7ea002d more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 41db1fdc38 loader should be done now, added maintenance functions, TODO add upgrade tasks and arbitrary task definition 3 months ago
  root bf3dfe7da5 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 30c5030169 more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 7136a79eec more fscking fixes 3 months ago
  root 6fb8b2a244 fix missing exports 3 months ago
  root 3774cc3ede remove erroneous ES credential loading 3 months ago
  root 9abfe98a6a fix some syntax bugs 3 months ago
  root 1d2e771c61 tweak the dockerfile to make it easier to generate new images with updates to the loader 3 months ago
  root 4797779d55 actually add the loader files 3 months ago
  root c80d2edc28 fix some POSIX-related bugs, add the beginnings of an environment variable loader 3 months ago
  root 96663456da Update readme 3 months ago
  root 603fcd2fa8 some streamlining and fixes 3 months ago
  root 87b2381e6e Update to 3.1.5, resolve patch failure with 3.1.3-hcaptcha patch, add windows 95 theme from cybrespace 3 months ago
  root 7fa7b2165f final changes to make it Work 5 months ago
  root f909a053d2 fix some glitches 5 months ago
  root f3fea85182 Add patch for hCaptcha support 5 months ago
  root 3e2442ab75 Deprecate 3.1.1 backported fix for account export issues as fixed in 3.1.2 7 months ago
  root 841170de06 Remove halfbaked idea of an overlay tree when it is just as simple to have a patch file (generated from diff -ruN old new) 7 months ago
  root c43ccdb654 Added ability to bundle arbitrary patches - current patches include a backport from master to fix export issues on 3.1.1 for accounts with a larger export size. TODO - add a way of automatically excluding patches for specific versions 7 months ago
  root c6709a955a Update generate-patch.sh to use env.var or first argument, rather than hard-coding version. 8 months ago
  Maff 8b38e7e454 version bump, fix docker tags and add optional docker push automation 1 year ago
  mastodon b830ac92d4 Fix permission for generate-patch.sh 1 year ago
  Maff 7434bb45ad Update 'deploy/Dockerfile' 1 year ago
  Maff 94e82301b3 Updating to v2.8 1 year ago
  mastodon 2b4fbcbc91 fixed patch script again 1 year ago
  Maff f14c86e8a7 Add back in the source.rb thing 1 year ago
  mastodon 9116f77ec7 Fix mode on generate-patch again 1 year ago
  mastodon db8c3e5d6a Move themes.yml to assets dir 1 year ago
  Maff fa235816f0 Fix locales not being fully preserved; fix meemu's theemus becoming the defaults 1 year ago
  Maff 97b506807e Fix themes.yml being reset 1 year ago
  mastodon 3d95989f19 Fix erroneous tagging 1 year ago
  mastodon e5ddaf5f21 For speed, why not just use the local mirror for mastodon 1 year ago
  mastodon 48723b3cc6 Another theemu bugfix 1 year ago
  mastodon bac6941fd0 Fixed incorrect git repo for theemu 1 year ago
  mastodon de463a2ead Updated Mastodon to 2.7.4 1 year ago