12 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Maff 83e40f5ede 3.5.2 fixes 2 months ago
Maff 81af907eca Latest changes for 3.5.2 2 months ago
Maff c37d26a9cf Fix formatting for datetime suffix 2 months ago
Maff df25e6a47f Add build-specific indicators to version suffix 2 months ago
Maff 2ebbe01d6b do it better buddy 3 months ago
root fcc0c430a2 Update libqueerpatchy to use the local mirrors for all upstreams for speed and reliability purposes 2 years ago
root b75591780c update git repos to point to the right hostname 2 years ago
root 5436de6533 updates to 3.2.0 allowing removal of backported patches 2 years ago
root 41db1fdc38 loader should be done now, added maintenance functions, TODO add upgrade tasks and arbitrary task definition 2 years ago
root c80d2edc28 fix some POSIX-related bugs, add the beginnings of an environment variable loader 2 years ago
root 87b2381e6e Update to 3.1.5, resolve patch failure with 3.1.3-hcaptcha patch, add windows 95 theme from cybrespace 2 years ago
root f3fea85182 Add patch for hCaptcha support 2 years ago