Mastodon customisations for
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Mastodon customisations for

The scripting infrastructure in this repository currently generates patches for Mastodon to include the following:

Other patches currently included are:

  • (3.1.5_1) hCaptcha support as an antispam measure during signup
  • (3.1.5_2) lib/mastodon/upgrade_cli.rb is backported from upstream master branch
  • (3.1.5_3) upstream pull request #14247 is backported to resolve display issues with the hashtag timeline (reported by cassolotl, thanks!)
  • (3.1.5_4) upstream pull request #14019 is backported to resolve an issue where the timeline would jump around when closing a modal (eg. media) in Firefox (reported in upstream issue#14018) does not use the official docker-compose.yml for orchestration and so it is not included here despite the tagged docker image changing.