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Mastodon customisations for

The scripting infrastructure in this repository currently generates patches for Mastodon to include the following:

Other patches currently included are:

  • (3.1.5_1) hCaptcha support as an antispam measure during signup
  • (3.1.5_2) lib/mastodon/upgrade_cli.rb is backported from upstream master branch
  • (3.1.5_3) upstream pull request #14247 is backported to resolve display issues with the hashtag timeline (reported by cassolotl, thanks!)
  • (3.1.5_4) upstream pull request #14019 is backported to resolve an issue where the timeline would jump around when closing a modal (eg. media) in Firefox (reported in upstream issue#14018) does not use the official docker-compose.yml for orchestration, however the Docker Swarm configuration has been included as of 3.4.4

Continuous Integration

Currently I'm attempting to automate building of new images using a CI platform. I've tested and abandoned:

  • Concourse CI - I got it up and running and then started writing yaml and decided no fuck this, i'm not spending ages trying to work out how to use something that can't even be bothered to use a non-monospaced font. there's minimal and then there's "what the fuck am i doing investing time into this" minimal.

I'm currently testing:

Maybe I'll find a different way to automate builds..