Mirror of flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware@github.com

Updated 1 hour ago

Mirror of adguardteam/adguardhome@github.com - DNS resolver with privacy protections

Updated 3 hours ago

Mirror of tailscale/tailscale@github.com

Updated 5 hours ago

Mirror of tootsuite/mastodon@github.com

Updated 8 hours ago

A nimble Mastodon web client

Updated 9 hours ago

Mirror of sandboxie-plus/sandboxie@github.com - Open-source Windows sandboxing software

Updated 11 hours ago

Mirror of arendst/Tasmota@github.com - Open-source firmware for ESP8266/8285/32-based smart home products

Updated 12 hours ago

Mirror of micropython/micropython@github.com - Python for microcontrollers

Updated 20 hours ago

Mirror of pimoroni/pimoroni-pico@github.com

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of endless-sky/endless-sky@github.com

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of flipperdevices/flipper-android-app@github.com

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of glitch-soc/mastodon@github.com

Updated 3 days ago

Mirror of nothings/stb@github.com - Single-file C libraries

Updated 4 days ago

Mirror of shaffyswitcher/rhythmheavensilver@github.com - Mod for Rhythm Tengoku for the GBA to localise it for english language speakers

Updated 5 days ago

Mirror of tailscale/tailscale-qpkg@github.com

Updated 1 week ago

Mirror of hometown-fork/hometown@github.com

Updated 1 week ago

Mirror of flipperdevices/qFlipper@github.com

Updated 1 week ago

Mirror of pimoroni/enviro@github.com

Updated 1 week ago