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meemu themes and localizations, for meemu.org!

to use, clone the repo then run

rsync -av --files-from ./meemu-theme.txt . your/mastodon/dev/code/

deploy the same way

rsync -av --files-from ./meemu-theme.txt . yourname@yourServer:/your/mastodon/root

you probably don't want to change your en.json or en.yml, so remove those from meemu-theme.txt

if you use them, credit to @catgoat@meemu.org would be cool! if you have tweaks or fixes, pull requests are welcome 💜.

the vaporwave theme is appropriately glitchy, but the purple theme is in good shape (and the default on meemu.org!)

check out the documentation here for how to set up your instance with multiple themes: https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Running-Mastodon/Customizing.md